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How A Touch of Purple Without Commitment Boosted My Self Esteem

Personally I prefer HAIR CHALK to embellish my naturally dull hair color. From the time I came across the transformational capability of temporary hair coloring products, I have always colored my hair. My preference color has always been the purple chalk color. With my long blonde hair I have always wished to add some flare of colors to my blonde hair. I usually color only the lower ends of the hair and leave the rest natural.
HAIR CHALK is amazingly simple to use. The whole process of using the product is direct and does not involve complicated procedures. The interesting aspect of the application is that one only needs to learn it once. Although it entails direct and easy to master the procedure, it is unlikely that one can perfectly apply the color by herself. My HAIR CHALK normally lasts for 2 days. However the duration of the coloring is always dependent on the brand, the nature of the hair and the conditions of the hair.
The application of HAIR CHALK to long hair more often stains NEA€™s clothes. Since the coloring is usually temporary, numerous brands of the product come out easily. In order to remove the colors, one can always use hair shampoo to wash out the color. Personally I normally apply hair moisturizer before I wash the hair with a shampoo to remove the purple color. It is interesting to note that after the removal of the color, the hair normally retains its natural color with no side effects.
HAIR CHALK not only brightens my hair but it also brightens my day. I am often more confident using the purple color than when I am natural. It can be amazing how people stare at my purple hair strips at workplace or whenever I visit the mall. I am always flattered how I have celebrity looks with the purple color on. My exciting experience with HAIR CHALK has made all my friends color their hair, too.
A streak of purple color in my blonde hair makes me feel like a celebrity. I have continued to use HAIR CHALK because they raise my confidence and boost my self-confidence in the public and mostly at my workplace. In addition to the good looks, HAIR CHALK further makes me feel unique because I always stand out from the rest of the crowd. Since I started using these products, I have had a new outlook on life.

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