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Make Online Shopping Safer Than It Is

Along with the other industries selling their service, e-tailing has grown from NR 1,550 Roes in the year 2009 (Jan-Dec 2009) to NR 6,454 Roes in year 2012 (Jan-Dec 2012). Experts estimate this category to cross the mark of 10,000 curare in 2013. Shoppers are getting bolder with the items they seek to shop for online. The earlier mentality of shopping after getting a feel of the product has diminished to a great extent. Laptops/Net-books/Tablets contribute the most, i.e., 24.5% (NR 1,579 Roes) to the E-Tailing segment. Next in line are apparels & footwear which contribute 20.6 % (NR 1,331 Roes). Mobiles, cameras, and its accessories pitch in another 33% (NR 2,131 Roes). This constitutes to around 80% of the e-tailing business. The other items frequently purchased online include consumer durable & kitchen appliances, books and home furnishings that contribute 20% (NR 1,413 Roes) to the revenue.

With shoppers getting the hang of online shopping, e-stores have taken specific care of the experience they have on visiting the website. While anesthetic appeals of the site are constantly improved, security of online transaction is paramount. Every site takes important measures to ensure safe transaction methods, but some precaution at your end will ensure a great online shopping spree -

Shop from reliable sources
With e-tailing turning a lucrative business, there are several sites adding to the list of e-stores already available online. They too offer shoppers with discounts on branded and sub-branded commodities. While some of these are genuine attempts from budding e-trailers to bring you excellent goods, a few of them, could be frauds. Hence, it is recommended to shop at trusted sites only. Online shopping from well-known sites is less likely to rob you of your money. It is possible you will come across several sites that offer unbelievable discounts, beware this could be a trick to lure you.

Avoid giving too much information -
To complete your online shopping process the website only requires details like name, address, contact number and basic card details for the transaction. If you feel a site is asking too many questions it is sensible to leave immediately. This information can later be used to steal your identity. Only provide essential information and avoid entering additional details whenever possible.

Choose cash on delivery -
In case you are apprehensive about using your card online, choose to pay on delivery. Understanding the shyness of India online shoppers to give out card details online, e-trailers have introduced cash on delivery service to make online shopping a safe experience.

Ensure site safety -
Online shopping sites need to have certain marks that ensure the use of its legitimacy -
- The page address starts with https instead http, as the s means the page is secure
- A small lock like symbol on the lower right-hand corner of your web browser window

Check the website for these signs and also read online for reviews.

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